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The Duke Sayer Show

Nov 27, 2017

Welcome everyone!


Podcast Episode 1: What is this podcast all about?


This podcast is all about self-awareness and helping you to become more aware of yourself and the things going on around you causing you stress and struggle. Even if your life is going swimmingly and you just want more understanding of yourself and others Self Awareness with Duke is for you. Helping you to understand why life is showing up the way it is and by acknowledging the feelings around it, ultimately, being able to shift your reality. 


I wanted to do this podcast because I was inspired by self-awareness and the dramatic changes that took place in my life after being introduced to it. Since experiencing it, it has now become my life passion. I also believe that everyone has the ability to have such a level of self-awareness that they can create their own realities. I want to bring you inspiration every week and bring you closer to your own truth. 


I share with you a snippet of my story to not only inspire you but also let you know that I've experienced what I teach first hand. It's not something I've read in a text book after text book and positioned myself as an expert. I practice what I preach! On top of this daily experience I've done countless hours of research, tried and testing different methodologies and spiritual practices, been on retreats and carry out daily rituals to help keep me in line with my own truth. 


One last thing, I love questions, so please come armed with questions and get in contact with me. You can contact me directly on, find me on Facebook (Duke Sayer) and connect with my Facebook group: Self Awareness with Duke.


Hope to connect with you soon. 


Enjoy the show!