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The Duke Sayer Show

Jan 15, 2018

Today’s podcast is all about sex… Well more the lack of it, the lack of feeling, the lack of sensitivity when having sex. This doesn’t automatically mean you must have had some major trauma or decision, or some major abuse happen to you physically or emotionally; etc. Which in result has shut you off from your body but ask yourself this… What’s stopping you from truly connecting with yourself and your sexual energy?


One of the things that really inspired me to talk about this today was that I get a lot of people reaching out to me who have been abused sexually or emotionally. I see a void in the industry around sexual, physical and emotional abuse. If you have had some kind of major trauma, major abuse as a child and you’ve tried to supress it I want you to know that I know how it feels. I know that feeling of feeling alone, that feeling that there must be something wrong with you. Know that whatever experience you’ve had, it happened for a reason; and it doesn’t take anything away from who you are, it adds to who you are.


At the point where we’re making the decisions of the lessons we want to learn, what our soul theme will be, the experiences we want; etc. Our soul is encoded to respond to each thing or circumstance that happens in our life, based on the experiences we want to have. So we can go one way or another. Someone who has been sexually abused may decide to become a nun and on the other hand someone who has been sexually abused may decide to become a prostitute. Either way we shut off parts of ourselves.


I share a story today of my experience visiting a sexual body worker. The technique she used was very powerful and I was tripping and leaving my body within seconds of her starting but she didn’t have the tools to release the trauma that was brought up throughout the session. Luckily though, I did and as she asked me questions I would get flashbacks of the things that had happened and the decisions that I’d made. If you do go to see some kind of body worker it’s great to have some awareness so that you can release the trauma when it arises; and be open to the trauma coming up. However, let me ask you this… Would you rather go and have a massage every week, for the rest of your life, to work through these traumas or have the self-aware so when things pop up you can see the point of creation straight away? That’s what Experiential Healing does, it allows you to see the point of creation when things pop up, acknowledge and release it.


I give you some simple techniques you can do (outside of Experiential Healing) to start reconnecting with your body. To help you to start feeling you feelings again and unlocking the parts of you that have been shut down through the abuse.


I would love to hear your thoughts and how you feel about this. Comment, like and ask questions about the episode on iTunes. Jump in the Facebook Group Self Awareness with Duke and interact with the amazing souls we have in there.


Can’t wait to hear from you and see you in the next episode.


Have an awesome day.