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The Duke Sayer Show

Jan 18, 2018

Today I share with you a little part of my journey… When I was 18 years old I had met some pretty cool people. At the time I was unaware of how close I was to getting to know my own truth and attaining the tools, information that I needed to decipher why I couldn’t forgive my mum and why what had happened to me had happened to me. These people that I had met understood that there was more to life than met the eye.


I got to a point where working all of the hours under the sun for a department store wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I began to wonder how people lived on salaries of £18,000 or even £30,000 a year. I knew that there must have been a better way but I just didn’t know what it was back then.


So I’d gone from that thread and gone over to the conspiracy theory side of the land, understanding that the model of the world wasn’t there to serve the collective, or so that everyone could be abundant and in flow. But when I met these “spiritual” people, they identified with the idea of being spiritual and rebelling against the system. Many of them didn’t have passports, national insurance numbers, didn’t pay tax or just simply weren’t in the system.


I remember we were a party one day and I got chatting to a few of them. They were asking me questions like “Duke, what do you think of Bush… The Rockefeller’s… The Rothschild’s?” I gave my opinion but very quickly got bored because I could see, even at that age, that these people were identifying with the idea of being spiritual. They were zombies in their own way with the identity of what it was to be against the system.


As the conversation went on I came to realise more and more just how much they identified with being spiritual and begin against the system but not actually taking action. Also, they weren’t working on themselves.


I touch base on my perception of Trump and the media; and what’s portrayed via the media. Now I’m not saying that the media lie about everything but… They lie about everything. There’s a lot of work that goes in to editing and production to make things come across in a certain light and pull the wool over our eyes. I’m not saying that trump is a saint but I do believe that he is a catalyst for change, whether he is conscious of it or not. Bear with me here guys, just think about this for a moment. Since Trump has come in to power how many people are noticing the actions of whether the media are telling the truth or not around everything that is going on and all that is happening?


So I want to just invite you to question everything! Everything being shown to you, everything been shown to you in the media, everything you hear, everything you feel, even what I’m saying now. Question the hell out of everything!


I would love to hear your thoughts and how you feel about this. Comment, like and ask questions about the episode on iTunes. Jump in the Facebook Group Self Awareness with Duke and interact with the amazing souls we have in there.


Can’t wait to hear from you and see you in the next episode.


Have an awesome day.