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The Duke Sayer Show

Dec 4, 2017

Are you being authentic with yourself and those around you?


A lady asked a question in my Facebook group around finding people that she could be authentic with and the famous quote that’s thrown around in the self-development world, which is “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”. Concerned that she doesn’t actually have five people to spend time with and what that means for her.


In this episode I give my take on this oh so famous saying and help you to understand that being authentic with yourself first is the key to finding people who you resonate with. The desire to be alone, be it from time to time or for the most part, isn’t alien and shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It can be quite rejuvenating and is a natural desire for us; tracing back to when Jesus walked the earth. Spending time with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you will take on their traits and absorb their behaviours. I talk about those around me having a really nurturing energy and I have nothing nurturing about me but I haven’t become anymore nurturing as a result of the time spent together. So, in that respect, I am not like the 5 people I spend the most time with.


I would love to hear your take on this topic and what you feel is right for you individually. Comment, like and ask questions about the episode on iTunes. Jump in the Facebook Group Self Awareness with Duke to ask and comment away.


Can’t wait to hear from you and see you in the next episode.


Enjoy the show!