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The Duke Sayer Show

Jan 12, 2018

On today’s podcast I talk about last night and the beautiful insight I got through my daughter and her actions.


Now I was out and about with my daughter in Central London and it was a really late night. So much so that by the time we got home it was gone 2300. On the train journey home we were eating food and having a chat; and she asked if she could stay up late. Normally, she doesn’t even have the nerve to ask as she knows that she has to be in bed by a certain time and has always been very good around her bedtime. However, on this particular night I could tell by her eyes that she just wanted some more daddy daughter time; so I agreed.


Excited by it all she suggested playing computer games and possibly watch a film. Whilst playing computer games I could feel myself starting to drift off to sleep. The good thing was that we were already in our PJ’s and ready for bed. The not so good thing was that as I laid down and begin to conk out I could see in her face the thought of ‘Yay! That means I can lay down and snuggle with daddy!’ Almost like a well-conceived plan she laid next to me, cuddled up to my shoulder and within seconds fell asleep.


Although I was the tired one, I wasn’t quite ready for sleep yet. So having noticed what had just happened I decided to follow the threads to figure out what was really going on. By using the protocols of Experiential Healing I can now follow energies, decisions and thought patterns to their point of creation and see what’s really going on behind the scenes. As we lay there, her asleep and so content, I saw that what she really wanted was the physical interaction. Playing the computer games, staying up late was all just part of a well-oiled plan, maybe not a conscious plan. All she wanted was to snuggle with me.


As I followed her thought patterns and key decisions back I started to cry because it became clear that she had made a decision at some point that for her to snuggle and/or cuddle me, there needs to be a reason. For her to get her love language met, of physical touch, from the masculine she has to justify it to herself. This could stem from a fear of being rejected. Therefore, justifying the want, it’s like a guarantee and by going this route she knows I’m not going to reject her.


The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I’ve seen so many clients over the years with these programs running in the background. These programs and decisions, as small as they may be, stop us from receiving love, money; they stop us from embracing whatever we want in life. Ultimately, just like my daughter, you have the program of not being able to get love just for being you, you have to do something in exchange for this love.


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Can’t wait to hear from you and see you in the next episode.


Have an awesome day.